Posted by: kenyakatie | May 17, 2010

Slacker Central

This week has been insane.  After the shower and my first real grad class I was exhausted but the fun was only beginning.    I have been able to make it to the gym a few times and I did a pretend workout on Mothers day so that is good… but lets go back a couple of days…

Tuesday (Last week) : In the first class we get assigned a 6-8 page paper on our school’s SIP or for all of the non-teaching friends out there… School Improvement Plan and 3 chapters of reading.  This does not sound terrible but I have not been a student for 3 years so my skills of being able to crank out a fast paper have diminished.  Additionally I forgot about the whole “working full time” thing.  Definitely puts a damper on getting the homework done.

Wednesday:  Work is lovely as always.  I worked on finding a copy of the School Improvement Plan only to find out that our school does not have an overarching plan.  Since we have been making AYP (a state set goal of achievement for students on standardized tests) we are not required to have a school wide plan.  However we do have “action plans” in each department.  Hmm that makes the paper a little more interesting…Therefore I email the person in charge of these for the district to see if I would be able to see the SIP from one of the other schools.  She never gets back to me.

Thursday:  Nothing too crazy except I start to work on the paper but I dont want to go through too much in hopes that eventually I will hear back from the person in charge of Instructional Improvement.

Friday:  Work is lovely.  No email.  I start to realize I will just have to do the paper with the random plans that I have. I hope that I picked the right stuff to write about….eeks! After school I had three friends from college come over for dinner and then had to pack.

Saturday:  The boyfriend and I are up and out by 6:30 am.  We had to drop my car off at his parents house on the way to drive to Cincinnati which is approximately a 5.5 hour drive from Chicago.  You may wonder why we are driving to Cincy on a random weekend…well there are two major answers to that question…the boyfriend went to Miami of Ohio for college and one of his best friends just so happened to marry a man who works for the Cincinnati Reds, which means she can get free tickets and well he never passes on free tickets.  Secondly my boyfriend has been a cubs fan since he could watch sports and well last weekend the Cubs were playing the Reds in Cincy.  Free tickets to a Cubs game is just too enticing!  🙂  Plus we got to hang out with his two really close friends from college and get away for a little bit.  The Cubs game was a little chilly (ick for the windy night game that had 50 degree temps) but we all survived..  We also got to meet Little Jen’s two adorable children.  The four year old and I had great conversations about Finding Nemo and the Disney Princesses.

Great American Ball Park! Home of the Cincinnati Reds
The friend, The Boyfriend and I trying to stay warm! Go Cubs! (They lost…)

Sunday:  After dethawing from the night game we were all tired so we went to bed pretty early.  We also all had to wake up the next morning.  His one friend had to go to work and then we had to drive back and we had left by 9.30 am because it was mothers day!  We got back to Chicago around 2.30 ish (if I remember correctly) and went to his parents house.  I stopped in and said hi and happy mothers day and then was off to my aunts house.  Had dinner there and sat and chatted with my mom and gram and then we went for a walk to Lake Michigan and my cousins had some make shift batting practice on the beach and the puppies were happy.  On the walk home however things got a little crazier.  We had split into two groups…my grandparents and aunt and cousin were lagging behind while we were moving quick with the one puppy and the 7 year old.  About a block away from the house my 11 year old cousin comes running up saying “grandpa fell,”  which is really not all that good because he had knee replacement surgery in January, some weird gall stone issues in like march and he has some memory issues.  Since went he fell he hit his head and was bleeding a bunch (yay blood thinners and head injuries?) an ambulance was called and he was taken to the emergency room. My mom, dad, aunt and grandma went with him. My uncle, brother, his finance and I took care of the little cousins, got them to bed and I started to work on my paper since I had no idea what time the hospital crew would be getting home.  At 9 pm I decided it was time to come home since I had a forty minute drive home and I had to teach the next day.  Around 9.45 I got a call from my mom saying that they had just gotten home from the hospital and that my gramps was going to be fine but that it was good they checked it out.  Nothing stressful about that day.

Monday: School was lovely.  (Only five weeks left!! though my kids tried to argue with me on that…I can count better than they can.) Then with school over it was time to crank out the paper.  I had like 3 or so pages done.  By 1 am it was 9.5 pages with sources and a works cited page and a smaller font!  I am so out of shape with writing papers!

Tuesday:  I spent my planning periods at school editting my paper and then printed it and of course made it through the day.  Then after school I had to read the three chapters that were assigned and get to class by 5.15.  I had two full contacts all of class!  YAY!!!  Class was lovely and I learned that I am not the only one super stressed by our profs unorganized mindset.

Wednesday: By this point I am done with the week but oh well.  Thank goodness my freshmen were testing otherwise I am not sure how I would have handled them.  After school I had to go pattern shopping for my dress for the wedding which was fun but hard because my brain wasnt working and it is hard to look at a pattern and be like “hmm I think that will look good on me!”  For the third night in a row I was still doing stuff past 9.30 pm.

Thursday:  Work again.  I had to prep my kids because I took a personal day on Friday.  I heart personal days.  This kept my sanity.  However after school I was working a tennis tournament.  It was so windy that I could barely read a book.  I didnt leave school until about 7.30!

Friday: Personal DAY!!!!

Saturday:  I went into the city to help my soon to be sister in law put together wedding invites! I love crafty stuff like that so it was great!  Her invites are really pretty so that made me happy!  I will post some pictures when I get my invite.  Lots of glue dots and a few hours later 145 invitations were made and beautiful.

Sunday:  Driving range and the Hawks game rounded out a weekend where I felt like I got to unwind.  I need to get to the gym tomorrow.  I also need to call and set up appointments for vaccinations tomorrow.  I am so not looking forward to that…oh well…

Bed time for now though…Sorry for the lack of updates.  I really didnt have much time near a computer!



  1. Hi Katie! Sounds like you’ve had a busy week! I’m glad your grandpa is ok, though I can’t imagine doing school AND working full time, jeez!

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